ALERT: Ocean Breaches Matunuck Beach Road WE NEED YOU TO TAKE ACTION !!

    Monday morning, for the first time since Hurricane Sandy, the ocean breached Matunuck Beach Road. According to engineers, the breach occurred because the cement block wall and sand dunes that have protected the road were removed to make way for construction of the Town’s sheet pile wall. Construction began two months ago leaving the road exposed. In addition to sea water in the road,  the Ocean Mist’s infrastructure is feeling the impact of the daily vibrations from machinery used to drive large sheets of steel into the ground.  Five days ago a gas pipe at the Ocean Mist cracked during the day and required immediate repair. The project has not gone smoothly. On the first day of pile driving, vibrations exceeded allowable levels, preventing the sheet piles from being driven within  30 feet of the Ocean Mist. The second thirty feet of steel met with obstructions and is bent, not level, and unusable. The remaining 142 feet of steel sheets have been partially inserted, but with great difficulty, and it remains to be seen if they can actually be driven to the full design depth. A second row of temporary steel sheeting still needs to be installed to support the 20­foot deep excavation to install riprap, and this sheeting will likely encounter the same problems as the permanent wall. In the best case scenario, the 202 foot wall that the Town is permitted to build will reach only 172 feet.  Accommodations for the 30 foot gap between the Ocean Mist and the wall will have to be addressed. Imagine that you hire a contractor to repair your roof—he strips the old one bare and doesn’t return to replace it.  It begins to rain.  That’s the situation we have on Matunuck Beach Road. The solution is, and has been, reconstruction of Mary Carpenters historic sea wall. Kevin Finnegan has the permits to begin construction and has been ready to begin for months.  Mary’s wall, if in place today, would have prevented water from reaching the road.  Further, restoration of Mary’s historic wall protects more than 500 feet of road­ without financial impact to the Town. The Town is halting the progress on the restoration of Mary’s wall. With each passing day the situation gets worse. Click the links below to send an email to the Town Council calling on them to stop the madness and facilitate the restoration of Mary Carpenter’s historic sea wall. Feel Free to copy and paste the following content if you are not sure what […]

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    ALERT : NOV. 17th 2016

    For the Protect Matunuck Web site   ALERT WE NEED YOU TO TAKE ACTION !!!!   If you’ve been on Matunuck Beach Road in the last three weeks you have seen some dramatic changes.  The Town of South Kingstown has started to install their steel sheet pile wall at the road.  The Town is hampering […]

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    Thank You!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you.  Seriously.  As a result of your support and calls and signatures and presence at meetings the CRMC took action last night a granted a permit for the restoration of Mary Carpenter’s historic sea wall! The wall served its purpose for decades- protecting Matunuck- until it fell into disrepair.  Kevin […]

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    The next CRMC Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at the URI Bay Campus at South Ferry Road, Narragansett, RI, 6:00 pm WE NEED YOU TO COME AND SUPPORT THE APPLICATION TO RESTORE MARY CARPENTER’S HISTORIC SEA WALL- Our team will be presenting a full case to the CRMC and we need […]

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    Matunuck has the greatest supporters in the world! Here is what happened: On April 11, we received a formal meeting notice that the CRMC would hear the joint application by the Town of South Kingstown and Hang Ten/Ocean Mist, to restore Mary Carpenter’s historic sea wall, including taking testimony from our supporters and engineers. In […]

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    UPDATE: Time for Action

    Time for Action: WE NEED YOUR HELP ONE MORE TIME!!!!! On behalf of ProtectMatunuck.com we would like to say Welcome and Thank you for supporting this incredible cause.   This petition, which we are proud to say has almost reached 12,000 signatures, has generated as many emails to the South Kingstown Town Council. Your emails were […]