• Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Can I help if I don’t live in Rhode Island?

    Absolutely. Matunuck is an iconic destination enjoyed by people from all over the world. Help us protect Matunuck.

    02. Did anyone offer an alternative to the Town’s Wrong Wall plan?

    Yes. Kevin Finnegan, owner of the Ocean Mist engaged the services at his own expense of GZA (experts in erosion and geology) and attorneys. Together they created a plan, which would repair the existing wall on Mary Carpenter’s land. This plan was submitted to the Town Manager. Kevin Finnegan is willing to PAY for the repair and maintenance of the wall.

    03. Why isn’t the wall at Mary Carpenter’s working to protect the beach from erosion?

    It hasn’t been maintained. The wall has worked for decades and experts agree it will continue to work once repaired.

    04. What will happen if the steel wall is built at the curbside?

    Experts agree that the very act of construction will negatively impact the Ocean Mist, and the businesses and homes to the west.

    05. This doesn’t make sense. If the owner of the Ocean Mist is willing to pay to repair the wall, and the Town has been installing and repairing miles of rock walls on the shoreline, why is the Town pursuing the wrong wall?

    Good Question. You should call and ask the town council.