• Walls in front of the Ocean Mist and on both sides were built in the early 50’s

    Over the next 50 years, these walls were enlarged and maintained by Arthur and Mary Carpenter.

    These Historic Walls have protected Matunuck Beach Road, the businesses and private properties for 50 years.

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In the early 2000’s Mary Carpenter stops maintaining the wall and it begins to go into disrepair.

Prior to March 2011, The Town of South Kingstown placed an easement on Mary Carpenters land.

September 2011, The Town of South Kingstown applies for permit to construct a 60 foot deep sheet pile wall adjacent to the Ocean Mist along the road.

The Town of South Kingstown gets a State of Rhode Island tax-funded DOT grant for the sheet pile wall (Cost for 202 feet =1.6 million plus 2 million dollars to finish).

In 2011/ 2012, Kevin Finnegan (Ocean Mist), Fran & Tara O’Brien (Tara’s) and other property owners file a lawsuit.

September 17, 2012, Mary Carpenter Passes away.

March 2013, The Town of South Kingstown purchases the land from Mary Carpenters Estate.

Experts, including GZA Engineering and the Towns Engineer (on public record at Town and CRMC meetings) ADMIT the construction of the Towns Sheet Pile Wall will damage the structure of the Ocean Mist.

January 2014 and March 2014, Kevin Finnegan, owner of the Ocean Mist submits an alternative plan to South Kingstown Town Manager Stephen Alfred. The plan seeks to repair the existing Historic wall that has worked for decades and eliminate taxpayer’s financial obligation.

Appeals with the CRMC are lost.

The businesses and community intend to continue to pursue legal avenues to stop the WRONG WALL…